We are Highpoint Computers, an ICT outfit working with the vision to empower 2000 youths this year 2021 in Digital Skills, entrepreneurship, business development, computer sales and supplies.

We are working with pastors, schools, youth leaders, community heads, Non-Governmental Organisations to train and empower youths with life and business skills to start up their own businesses and become self-reliant. In addition, we organize practical sessions to give our trainees detailed guide to start their own businesses with lots of incentives, business supports, mentorship and connection with potential customers.

In our trainings, we bring to bear how to create and build a sustainable businesses involving computer, that is, Information and Communication Technology. We also equip our trainees with the basics or rudiments, with related intricacies, and the logistics involved in the business while following them up until they become independent in running their own businesses.

What to learn?

  • How to identify original laptops, printers, projectors & their parts from refurbished types
  • How to assemble and disassemble systems
  • Exposition to laptop components and make ups and how it works
  • How to configure systems with the right software? Run clean installations
  • How to get customers and scale up your business in this industry
  • Deep exposition to lucrative side of the ICT & accessories
  • Systems upgrade, sales and supplies
  • Access on how to get laptops and its accessories cheaper and resale profitably
  • How to waybill order(s) to any parts of Nigeria at cheaper rate and the customer gets it that same day
  • Hands on practical, no theory

Training Benefits:

  • Massive free softwares, toolkits, tips and techniques in computer matters.
  • Large discounts on products for resale
  • Massive discount(25%) on CAC business registration with the Federal Government
  • Free template to manage cash flow in business and other business template for Short and Medium Scale Enterprises  (SMEs)
  • How to set up payment pages to receive payments from your customers without a website from any parts of the world
  • Free access to 8 Great Business websites for continuous learning
  • Training certificate
  • Three months free mentorship and support services to pave way for mastery in this line of business.

Training Date: 1st May, 2021
Time: Saturday 10am – 5pm

Training Cost:
✔ All the training above (Value N10,000)
✔ One Page Business plan to set your business on the right footing for investors and employees (Value N15,000)
✔ Free one week ads on all our social media platforms (Value N5000)
✔ 25% discount to get your business registered with CAC (Value N20,000)
✔ Three months of business support services (N3000)
✔ Free professionally custom designed e-flyer for your business promotion (N2000)

Sign up for this 1 day Digital Entrepreneurship Training
This training is valued at #41,000. However, Highpoint Hub is subsidizing this training as part of its commitment to help 2000 people to acquire digital skills and succeed in their enterprise.
Live training with questions and answers and bonus surprise (N5000) for attendees.
Training fee is usually N30,000 but an early bird 80% discount to N6000
First 20 people to register will get extra discount of up to N3000

Take advantage of this great opportunity and invest in developing massive entrepreneurial capacity.


This phenomenal valued MASTERCLASSS is here for you to grab. In this training, I will show you what it took me 9 years to perfect…
And that is the basics and details of the logistics involved in this business. How to ‘sell like crazy’. How to get as many clients and sales as you can handle (again, you have to follow each step consistently and results will be relative to your efforts).

It doesn’t involve cold-calling.

It’s 100% legal…

And I’ve successfully deployed this system for many clients.
I provide personally follow up to give you independent in running your business and scaling up sales. I guaranteed bargain value of over N100, 000 for a mere token.

Am doing this in the course of my mandate to empower 2000 youths this year, in conjunction with my partners and sponsors in Digital Skills, entrepreneurship, business development, computer sales and supplies.
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For Subscription follow this Link https://paystack.com/pay/highpointcomputer

HighPoint Business Club offers quite a number of services ranging from mentorship to business world, life coaching among many others Below are some downloadable materials that can help walk you through as you can join our club and subscribe to get more out of Highpoint Business Club

The above are materials channeled at changing your life for better and Enhance productivity.