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Branding inspires leadership. It creates wealth. You can brand yourself and be a leader in your chosen field. Steve Forbes, the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media said, “Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”.

The lion is said to be the King of animals. It is strong, intimidating, and courageous. Generally, success in life is about being a lion, a king, in your chosen profession. But you cannot become if you do not believe in yourself. According to the CEO of Fifth Gear Consulting Company, Lagos Mr. Niyi Adesanya, Leadership is the ability to attract, discover, deploy, and listen to skills. Leaders are born, so anyone can lead. Leadership is by decision. It’s by choice. Leadership is already in you. You’re a better leader in the place of your competence. And you cannot get there unless you embark on a self-discovery journey. 

To discover yourself, you need to ask yourself some salient questions: Who am I? Why I am here? What capabilities do I have? What are my weaknesses? Your answer will lead to branding yourself. “Education without the discovery of your brand is the root cause of poverty and unemployment in the life of mankind. People look for riches because they fail to brand themselves. A man cannot prosper without his brand from God” Dayo Ehinmisan. 

Every man was created by God to solve a particular problem. Business is matching your gift with a problem God designed for you to solve. When you solve that problem, wealth automatically follows. The biblical King Solomon had focus. He asked for wisdom. God obliged him. Wisdom became his brand. The Dele Giwa was a brand in investigative journalism in Nigeria.

Some people have a calling to be like Dele Giwa or to be like the Portuguese soccer legend, Cristiano Ronaldo. But they end up in the banking hall or some other companies. They earn big money, but they are not happy. And they are not reckoned with in that field. Ehinmisan says nothing is more tormenting than molding yourself in the wrong brand. An undiscovered brand cannot make you a leader. It makes you a perpetual follower in whichever company you find yourself in. For those who have discovered their purpose in life, there is no failure in their vocabulary. All they dream about is how to move on in their careers despite all odds. 

Adesanya gave an illustration of someone who has found his brand and one who hasn’t with two footballs. One of the footballs is pumped full of air. The other one has no air inside. When you throw one with air higher on the ground, it bounces back. The harder you throw it, the higher it rises. But the one without air does not rise or bounce back when you throw it on the ground.

So, even when you encounter obstacles in your God-given business, you will bounce back like an air-filled football. Success is moving from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm- Winston Churchhill

Another example is the N100 note. You can squeeze it, trample on it, or even tear it and tape it again. It remains an N100 note. So, forget who gave birth to you, your town, or any inadequacy in your life. The most important thing is that you are valuable. No matter what happens to you whether people rough handle you, trample on you, or even try to squeeze you like a naira note, you remain what you are. And what you are, your value is not known by your CERTIFICATE.

It manifests in your God-given abilities making a success of it depends on you. If you develop a positive attitude – positive thoughts, beliefs, behavior, etc. You will empower yourself. But you will be doing yourself great havoc if you harbor negative emotions. “The ugly person is the one who looks at the mirrors and says I am ugly” – Adesanya

What is the difference between Branding, Marketing, and Sales?

Dan Lok captures these three key concepts like this:

Sales are convincing

Sales are the words you say to overcome objections, negotiate a deal, and persuade clients to view a situation your way. You can identify sales activities by the fact that your lips are moving. No sales, no business.

Marketing is generating business

Every activity that directly generates revenue is marketing; direct mail, seminars, and even referrals are marketing. You can easily identify marketing because it highlights a specific product or service, and a price, and directs prospects to purchase.

Marketing is anything and everything you do to attract and keep a customer. It directs the consumer to make a decision.

Branding is influencing

Branding appeals to our desires and touches our emotions. It has one goal: to consumers emotionally disposed into entering a business relationship.

The goal of Branding is to position a product or service in such a way that people feel an irresistible urge to purchase that product or service.

– Influencing

– Positioning

– Irresistible urge

– Appeals to desires

– Loyalty

– Becoming their choice before they need it.

The Power of Branding

Let’s look at these four (4) brands below: 


iPhones aren’t the most advanced phones out; they’re known as a status symbol.


Toyota isn’t making anybody’s dream car; they’re known as safe and reliable.


Starbucks isn’t the best coffee out there; they’re known to make you happy.


McDonald’s isn’t making the best burgers; they’re known as cheap and fast.

Branding isn’t just a logo, it’s what the logo represents. Leadership in your industry.

Note, branding is an investment, not an expense. The first rule of branding is to Own your BRAND. If your brand/business is not REGISTERED, then it’s not yours. Branding is good, and marketing and advertising is great. But is your company registered? If you think getting your CAC registration done is expensive, consider how much it will cost to rebrand because someone else was smarter to have registered the name before you. Take advantage of our discount offer and register now.

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