Will be replaced by Self Checkouts

There are already lots of grocery stores which have self checkouts. In near future this will be the norm and human labour won’t be necessary anymore. The only thing that will change is that we will need more security to keep an eye on the customers.


Will be replaced by Self Driving Trucks  

Artificial intelligence will soon be advanced enough to replace truck drivers. One of the main issues to solve are ethical problems like the trolley dilemma (would you kill 5 people to save one or save 5 to kill one in a situation that requires this decision).

Basically, most monotonous jobs will be gone within a couple of decades. Disruption is natural and can’t be avoided.


Will be replaced by Automated Robots

There is already huge warehouse in China which don’t require average employees anymore. The robots transport the goods from point A to B, drive to their charging station whenever the run out of battery and a replacement unit jumps in to fill the hole fully automated. Human labour in warehouse will be gone very soon.


Will be replaced by Automated Cars

Cab drivers already have to fight with Uber and Taxify but long term they will be hit with the same problem as the truck drivers – self driving cars. Once this innovation is ready, millions of jobs will be affected.

Company like TESLA and Hyundai are already in the race, soon Apple will be launching its first Self Driving Car in the market and then the world will be changed forever.


Will be replaced by Website Bookings

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you visited a local travel agency to book your trip? This business is already DEAD! The only people who still book their vacation at the local travel agency are grand-parents. It’s the previous generation. Travel agencies will be a gone very soon.

Point to Reflect:

Change is inevitable, disruption is natural and can’t be avoided. Embrace innovation today. Upgrade yourself to fit into the new economy. The paradigm shift is on the go.