In order to succeed, you need to leave a few things behind such as:

  1. Being comfortable: Guess what? Being an entrepreneur means you will live outside your comfort zone.

2. Being lazy: Well if you don’t leave this behind, you’ll get nowhere fast. To be an entrepreneur you need energy… lots of it.

3. Being a follower: You need to be proactive and steer your ship towards your goals. You must take charge and make some tough decisions.

4. A negative mindset: The entrepreneurial path is best travelled with a positive mindset, hope and belief. Having this will get you through the challenging times.

5. Taking the safe route: Taking the safe route means safe results or not growing at all. Risk is in a true entrepreneurs DNA.

6. Impatience: There is no such thing as an overnight success.

Action steps:

  • Welcome the feeling of discomfort, the more you feel it the more you’ll handle it.

  • Use your passion to be the energy boost you need to remove laziness.

  • Watch your thoughts and any negativity needs to go.

  • Start to lead and take control of where you are headed

  • Show courage to take risks and believe in your objective. Don’t be afraid of failure.

  • Breakthroughs can take years.

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