Everyone is designed to be productive. We are created to be productive. The law of productivity states that your financial worth is a reflection of your level of productivity. Basically, productivity boils down to products and services.

The question is what products or services are you offering to your world? We all belong to one of these categories:

A. Those having no products or services to offer

B. Those having little products or services to offer

C. Those offering great products and services

No productivity, no money. Little productivity, little money. Big productivity, big money. Another question is how productive are you? Your financial horsepower is determined by your level of productivity. Please note, money gravitate towards value. Anywhere value is money flows.

If you are not making money, it’s likely that you are violating the law of productivity. It’s very simple, no productivity, no money. Every time you are productive, money reacts to you by flowing in your direction.

Remember that productivity is centered on products and services. So you must perpetually be thinking of products and services you can offer. Why products and services? The only reason why we have diverse products and services is problems. Productivity starts by first identifying problems, then thinking of solutions to the problems.






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