The fifth law of wealth creation in the series is the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

This law states that whatever you respect, you will attract. Whatever you condemn or criticize will run away from you. If you are always criticizing wealthy people, then you have signed up for poverty.  If you are quick to condemn and label rich people as fraudsters, greedy, corrupt, diabolical people then be sure that Wealth will never come to you. You can never have what you criticize. What you despise cannot inspire you.

Trash that mindset that most rich people do bad things to make money. There are so many clean wealthy people everywhere. If you want to be rich, make it a habit to celebrate people who are succeeding, celebrate people, who are rich, celebrate people who are doing big things. Then you see good things, appreciate them.

Whatever you celebrate you will attract. Celebrate the prosperity and success of others and it will come to you. Envy is not in the dictionary of anyone aspiring to be great. Envy prevents you from focusing on yourself. Kill that spirit of envy now before it denies you, your greater glory. Get rid of envy and the best of you will show up.






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