The fourth law of wealth creation in the series is the LAW OF ATTENTION.

The Law of Attention states that whatever you give attention to; energy is generated to produce it. Where focus goes, energy flows, where energy flows, result shows. If you want to be rich, you must pay attention to financial matters. In a country of so much lack and financial challenges, Wealth Creation is worth paying attention to. For people who have burden to lend helping hands to the poor, less privileged, widows, orphans and blessing humanity, I strongly believe that giving attention to prosperity is necessary. Remember this must not be at all cost or at the detriment of your follow human being.

Ten (10) things to pay attention to:

1. Pay attention to yourself. Pay attention to your strength, your giftings and potentials.

2. Pay attention to problems around you

3. Pay attention to meeting the needs of people through products and services.

4. Pay attention to financial education

5. Pay attention to trends in society and the business world

6. Pay attention to critical thinking and value creation

7. Pay attention to the voices of opportunities sounding around you

8. Pay attention to people. Pay attention to profitable relationships

9. Pay attention to strategic planning and marketing

10. Pay attention to your clients and customers





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