The third in these series is the law of networking

We are all social beings and we are created to interact with others. This law is very important and we must comply with it to create Wealth. The greatest resource on the earth is people. Your financial status is a revelation of people in your network. Men are blessed through men. We need people to make money.

We need to develop good people skills. Remember we learnt these skills last year on the Capacity Development Platform, people skills or soft skills even called 21st century skills though ‘commonized’ but not everyone that have it. It’s an essential skill to develop especially aspiring entrepreneurs.

Understand that no man is an island and you can’t make it financially on your own. You need people. Money will flow to you through people; business opportunities will come to you through people. Good job opportunities will come to you through people. Sound Business ideas will flow to you through people. Financial breakthroughs will come your way through people. Good recommendations and promotions will come through people.

We cannot overemphasize the power of networking in Wealth Creation. Leverage on it today to create wealth. Please note the world has gone digital, as you build your social skills also build your digital skills very important. Use the social media to build your brand and not to post irrelevant things. The internet is a pool of opportunities, use it well. Utilize it to create wealth. It can serve as your office, store, workshop, work station, you name it.

To develop your digital skills to go Google digital skills sites and create an account to begin. There are free courses you can offer for free about 151 courses and you will be certified by Google.







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