The law of visualization is the foundation of Wealth Creation. It all begins by having Wealth visions. A vision is a mental picture of a desired future. Vision is ability to see the end from the beginning. Right now, there is Wealth pictures you should be seeing. If you are not engaging the power of your mind, you are disconnecting yourself from prosperity.
The earth will only release to you, what your eyes have been able to capture. If the frequency of your thoughts are all about survival, you might be broke for life. See yourself achieving big things, taking ownership of mega businesses, executing mega projects. Whatever you see (mental picture), you will see (reality).

There are no unrealistic visions, every dream; every vision is realistic and achievable. It only requires pursuit and time.
Have the courage to think big, have the courage to dream big. Think big, dream big and grow rich. You must intentionally envision prosperity, until it becomes ingrained in your subconscious. Your vision will make you prosperity conscious and it will affect your language. Your words will change; all the poverty talks will end. You begin to talk possibility, you talk prosperity because you have a clear picture of it and it has influenced your subconscious.
The world is ruled by thinkers and dreamers. If you want to prosper, you must deploy your mind power. Your mind has power to not only capture big visions but also, attract the people and resources on the earth that will make your dreams a reality. So first law you must comply with to prosper is THE LAW OF VISUALIZATION.




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